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Nurse Practitioner for Adams County Coroner

Why Kara?

My key objective in becoming Adams County Coroner is to get the office more involved with the community; to provide education and partnerships to maybe help prevent some of the tragedies that plagues this community. If you look at the statistics, Adams County falls behind the rest of the state in managing problems which lead to premature death, areas like opioid use, mental health management, smoking, and suicide. By creating partnerships in the community, we can help lift each other up. I have been involved with a few non-profit groups trying to fill in some of the gaps in Adams County and have seen some really tragic situations. I feel like my nursing background could bring a different perspective to the office and maybe make a difference in public health as well. I am not a medical examiner or pathologist, but I think those areas are covered, this coroner position is about what happens outside of the lab as much as what happens in it. I hope this helps you when you are filling out your ballot!

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